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Product Line

Product Name Description
InfoCage FileShell media kit

The module (server, Client, SDK and manual) for InfoCage FileShell.

InfoCage FileShell server license and InfoCage FileShell SDK license.

InfoCage FileShell Client (CL)

InfoCage FileShell Client is a license for performing application control and protection of electronic files in follow the policy.

Could be purchased correspondent client license (CL) on number of FileShell's user. (Available from 10CL)

InfoCage FileShell Protector for Microsoft SharePoint Server (Optional) Collaboration module for InfoCage FileShell and Microsoft SharePoint Server.
  • *Microsoft Active Directory, Active Directory Rights Management Services, Microsoft SQL Server are also required.
  • *For using InfoCage FileShell Server and Client, media kit and client license are required.
  • *For the price of InfoCage FileShell’s License, Please contact us.

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