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Effective countermeasures against targeted attacks (APT)

Even if a client PC is infected with malware or other virus due to a targeted attack (APT) and electronic files containing confidential information are consequently leaked to outside, the attacker cannot open them if they are protected using InfoCage FileShell and information are not leaked.

Prevention of information leakage from contractors

InfoCage FileShell can limit the viewing rights for Microsoft Office or CAD system electronic files passed to your contractors. This stops an employee at the contractor's viewing an electronic file that he/she has taken out of the company, preventing confidential information leakage.
Moreover, because confidential information can still be shared while electronic files remain securely protected, operations can be performed without compromising convenience.

Prevention of information leakage caused by user errors

InfoCage FileShell automatically protects electronic files on the client PC. Even if electronic files are leaked due to a careless mistake, email sent to a wrong address or other reason, information leakage can be prevented because third parties cannot view the data.

Enhanced security without increasing user workload

Electronic files protected by InfoCage FileShell can be viewed and/or edited in the protected state according to the user's rights. This means that the electronic file does not need to be protected again after use. In addition, linkage with Active Directory allows for single sign-on, eliminating hassles such as password entry when using electronic files.

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