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Product Overview

High Performance, Scalability and Reliability for SAP HANA

Quick and Easy: Turnkey appliance with NEC's SAP HANA® certified Expresss5800/A2000 server

NEC SAP HANA offering is realized on top of NEC’s highly reliable enterprise server for mission critical use; Express5800/A2000 series. The following are key highlights of Expreses5800/A2000 series.

Realizing high performance, high availability and high operation-ability
by leveraging the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors Family CPU
- Best fit for dependable On-premise platform -
High Scalability High Fault Resiliency
  • Support for 2 to 4-sockets of  Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors with up to 28-cores per socket

  › Max 112cores/224threads

  • Up to 48 DIMM slots of DDR4 memory

       › Max 6TB with 128GB DIMM

  • Up to 16 slots of PCI-Express 3.0
    • Fully utilizes Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors Family CPU advanced RAS features,...

-MCA Recovery, Memory Chip RAS (DDDC etc.,), Memory patrol and scrubbing,

-PCIe Live Error Recovery

    • Predictive Failure Analysis & De-allocation of CPU resource and ECC memory
    • Intelligent Fault management (analysis, reconfiguration) with Service Processor
    • Redundant system resource

-Redundant Clock source, Core IO logic and Service Processor..

High Operation ability

  • CPU core capacity on demand feature for flexible resource optimization
  • I/O card on-line addition
  • 40℃ HTA supported

Certified as “SAP HANA Appliances”, NEC High-Performance Appliance for SAP HANA realizes Quick and Easy deployment of in-memory computing platform with SAP HANA.

  => See the certified models

Flexible & Efficient: Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) model with NEC’s SAP HANA® certified Enterprise Storage and Entry Level Systems

NEC SAP HANA offering is available not only through SAP certified appliances but also through Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI); that brings wider choices to SAP HANA customers in leveraging their existing hardware components, which should be HANA certified, for their HANA environment.

The NEC M Series SAN Storages are certified as “Enterprise Storage for SAP HANA” and complement NEC’s SAP HANA offering through Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI). The configuration guidelines built upon NEC’s best practices deliver the assurance and support that can come from only a total converged system provider.  
=> See the certified products listing

Designed to support SAP HANA in virtualized and native Linux environments, the NEC M Series SAN Storage offers high availability and data protection through redundant components and software functions, as well as advanced security capabilities. Thin provisioning capabilities optimize storage capacity in virtual environments eliminating inefficient utilization of storage capacity. The ability to control multiple SAP HANA Storage systems from a centralized management framework makes the NEC M Series SAN Storage easy to operate.

Certified as “Supported Entry Level Systems” for SAP HANA, Intel Xeon E5 based 2-socket severs, as listed in SAP’s certified SAP HANA hardware directory, can be utilized for SAP HANA through TDI. NEC Express5800 servers are listed and available for SAP HANA TDI. NEC Express5800 servers bring the customers choices for more cost-effective SAP HANA deployment, as an entry to implement SAP HANA
=> See the certified products listing

Enhanced High Availability: SAP HANA® cluster environment with NEC EXPRESSCLUSTER


Automatic failover in case of failure

Monitors SAP HANA from HW/SW aspects, and executes automatic failover (HA function of SAP provides only manual failover)

Ensures business continuity by automatic switch of virtual IP address

Physical, virtual, and cloud environment are supported

Easy configuration

Document and script is available for easy configuration. Please go to the following page and request through “contact”.

=>More information about EXPRESSCLUSTER

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