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Electrical Rule Check for IC Package

Overview of GENISSNX® ERC Function


  • Operating frequency on the IC has been increasing every year, and malfunctions and noise problems caused by the IC package are on the rise.
    The ERC Function allows you to check if there are electric problems in the routed design. Fixing possible problems at the design phase enables the quality of the IC package to be improved.

IC characteristics giving rise to noise problems

  • IC electric characteristics without an IC package quality check become worse.

  • With IC package trace design, it is not clear if design directions must be kept.

Unclear which points to consider on the IC package design

  • Designers are unclear what should be considered for IC package design and are unable to implement actual design.


Enables quality improvement for IC package electric characteristics

  • Detects traces and planes on the IC package that make electric characteristics worse. It detects problems from signal and power by using signal check (Return Current Path Discontinuity, Differential Signal, etc.) and power electric check (SG Via Spacing, etc.).

  • Enables high-speed checking without manual design check.

Sample of ERC Function by GENISSNX

  • Return Path Discontinuity Error

Return Path Discontinuity Error

  • Differential Signal Error

Differential Signal Error

  • EMIStream
  • PIStream
  • CyberWorkBench

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