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Tunable SFP

Tunable SFP

Tunable SFPs are optical transceivers that allow you to change the wavelength of the transmitter.

Recently, the use of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) in mobile front-haul networks has attracted attention because of the advantages of wider bandwidth and reduced use of optical fiber. In the past, the optical transceiver used in these applications was fixed wavelength. It required the inventory management for each wavelength and wavelength management during operation, resulting in an increase of OPEX.

The tunable SFP is a solution to this problem. With full-band tunability, it is possible to reduce the number of part numbers to one for inventory management purposes. In addition, NEC's Tunable SFP is equipped with a self-tuning function for the wavelength, which eliminates the need for wavelength selection during operation.

The in-house Silicon Photonics technology has realized the size of existing SFP and low power consumption.

NEC contributes to customers by providing high-performance, high-quality Tunable SFP.


C-band tunable wavelength, and it is applicable to DWDM mobile front-haul systems.
Support self-tuning function, and it is possible to establish a link by plug and play without wavelength control.
Reduce the OPEX by reducing the complexity of inventory management with fixed-wavelength optical transceivers by switching to TSFP. Self-tuning function simplifies the wavelength layout in the DWDM system. In-house silicon photonics technology enables the SFP size and low power consumption.


Bitrate Part Number Form
Wavelength Distance Power
Case Temp.
10.3Gb/s OD-CP102TELA000 SFP+ C-band
100G Grid
80km 2.5W -40 to+85℃
25.7Gb/s OD-CP102TEL0000 SFP28 C-band
100G Grid
15km 2.5W -40 to+85℃