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FlexProcess Financials provides the functionality that allows to freely define multi dimensional analysis keys. This feature enables managements from multiple viewpoints therefore helps to solve many of the business operation issues. The design is based on worldwide requirements in order to support global business operations. Also, the Financials module is applicable to any industries including the process industry.

High Level Managerial Accounting

FlexProcess Financials has flexible database structures to achieve the high level management:

  • Multiple budgets / activities
  • Multiple currencies
  • Activity management by segment (P/L, B/S by segment)
  • Data utilization features

Database structure to achieve high level managerial accounting

The Financial Application Components

Financials module features:

  • General Ledger
    Drill-down from account balance to journal entries, automatic dissolution of headquarter-branch journal entries, multiple budgets, allocations
  • Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable
    Balance forward, payment generator(transfer, note, future cash), FB data generation, cash apply, automatic journal entry generation
  • Notes / Draft Management
    Note Receipt Plus, automatic maturity, automatic journal entry generation
  • Miscellaneous
    Global supports (multiple languages, currencies, taxes)
    Web reporting, integration with workflow system, and other systems

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