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Food Industry Customers

B Food Science Co., Ltd.(ERP)

Increased internal cooperation between different apartments.

  • Implemented internal control system based on the corporate group standard.
  • Eliminated delay of information delivery and duplicated information management.
  • Made monthly closing process time shorter.

API Co.,Ltd. (ERP)

Shift From Individual Optimization to Organizational Optimization.
Succeeded to improve operating efficiency by achieving project goals with all colleagues.

  • Improved the operating efficiency.
  • Visualized the managerial indicators.
  • Established the information infrastructure to support the company's growth.

Kracie Foods, Ltd. (Production Management)

Aiming at introduction of new production / purchasing systems and improved corporate value

  • Example of contributing to management through introducing FlexProcess
  • We achieved manufacturing cost visibility, and are clarifying indicators for reform

Daito Cacao Co., Ltd (ERP)

Linking up production/accounting/sales systems real time to establish an administrative setup able to accurately grasp onsite conditions.

  • We were able to link information from administration to production real time and set up administrative systems based on figures and actual performance
  • Using FlexProcess with special tools greatly improved our employee's information utilization skills

Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd (Production Management)

Achieving improved company-wide operations by constructing SCM through weekly sales / production.
An example of the introduction of FlexProcess as a sales/production system and uses as a production control system.

  • The awareness of affiliated departments has been raised and a focus on the optimum overall has been made possible

Chemical Industry Customers


Succeed in 20% reduction of the operation cost and 20% improvement of the business efficiency.

  • Simplified data entry process and saved 20-30% off for data entry fee.
  • Achieved 20% of business efficiency improvement with easy-to-use user interface.
  • Achieved centralized administrative data control and data sharing throughout the whole company. The new system enabled to utilize and analyze those data in various ways.

Osaka Organic Chemical Industry Ltd.

Improvement in the speed and the accuracy of cost accounting.

  • Improved the precision in the profit control of each product.
  • Built extensible enterprise system which can follow future business growth.

ALCARE Co., Ltd.

Improved productivity by standardization, increasing efficiency and visualization of buniness.

  • Established swift and accurate lot tracking system.
  • Achieved more accuracy and less workload for data entry with handy terminals.

Teijin Chemicals Ltd.

Achieved global visualization of quality information,standardization of inspection process and tracability improvement.

  • Created integrated inspection data management system.
  • Improved response time and cause analysis speed for the claims.
  • Enabled its sales division to handle overseas products effectively and improved product delivery process.


Succeeded to improve the management level while volume of production increased.

  • Production activities came to be reflected every day by the system and got possible to keep inventory under control instantly.
  • Working speed improved, and monthly closing processing is reduced to half day from five days.
  • Cost Management is unified, and product profit management came to be possible.

Nikki-Universal Co., Ltd (ERP)

Succeeded in creating a system matching our company well in terms of management of scheduling costs.

  • Enhancing operational process competitiveness across the whole company with FlexProcess
  • Achieved real-time information sharing and operations standardization / streamlining
  • The management has been made to recognize again the importance of IT. This means we are prepared to take the next step

Toray Industries Inc. (Production Management)

Aiming at company standardization starting from film production to improve operations and enhance competitiveness.
An example of the use of FlexProcess for corporate standardized production systems.

  • The initially planned results and the results gained in operational / system terms meant costs were reduced by several million UM