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PDFTechnical White Paper : A High Availability Solution for SAP S/4 HANA Running on IBM Power Systems Implemented by EXPRESSCLUSTER The purpose of this white paper is to summarize the results of verifying the use of IBM Power Systems and EXPRESSCLUSTER as a way to enhance the fault tolerance of a platform for SAP S/4HANA and make this information widely available as a reference architecture.
PDFTechnical White Paper : SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA High Availability with EXPRESSCLUSTER This white paper describes configuration methods and verification results of SAP HANA with EXPRESSCLUSTER on Amazon Web Service.
PDFMigration Guide : Guide to Migrating from HP Serviceguard for Linux to EXPRESSCLUSTER X for Linux This guide describes the requirements for migrating from a Linux cluster system that uses HP Serviceguard for Linux, to one that uses EXPRESSCLUSTER X for Linux.
PDFIDC White Paper : Clustering Solutions for Achieving High Availability for Diversifying Platforms: The Future in Advanced Best Practice (IDC White Paper : #203586_EN, Mitsuhiro Iriya, January 2016) This white paper describes the trends in the availability and clustering market in APAC and discusses future HA strategy based on NEC’s HA clustering software EXPRESSCLUSTER.
PDFTechnical White Paper : Operation Verification Results of EXPRESSCLUSTER on IBM Power Systems This document will report the results of a verification combining VIOS (Virtual I/O Server) environment, Linux, RDBMS (DB2 or Oracle) and EXPRESSCLUSTER over the IBM Power Systems.
PDFWhite Paper : Improving availability of VMware vSphere 4’s virtualization environment with EXPRESSCLUSTER In a server integrated environment, due to adoption of virtual environments, system failure of physical servers will lead to the stop of all the services running on the virtual machines. This white paper describes how improve the availability of VMware vSphere 4’s virtualization environment with EXPRESSCLUSTER.
PDFWhite Paper : 10 Reasons for Choosing EXPRESSCLUSTER in virtualized environment

Introduction of server virtualization is not the end of the story, subsequent operation of the resulting infrastructure is also important. 10 reasons are pick up why EXPRESSCLUSTER is needed in the virtualization environment.
PDFNEC White Paper : Next Generation Continuity Solution for Exchange Email Server How much has email changed the way the world does business? Today, if your email system goes down, it can bring your business to a halt.
PDFNEC White Paper : Integrated Disaster Recovery Solution for Database and Transactional Application Systems In today's dynamic business environment, organizations of all sizes are finding it ever more important to maintain access to critical applications and data even in event of natural and man-made disasters.
PDFNEC White Paper : Integrated System Continuity Solutions for Virtual System Consolidation Virtual system consolidation is especially attractive by using virtualization technology to enable consolidation of multiple virtual systems on to a single physical server to improve overall system flexibility and resource utilization. However, consolidating multiple virtual systems on to a single physical host server presents a risky situation.
PDFNEC White Paper : Integrated Application and Data Protection As with many other IT operational activities, it is now imperative to align protection methodology of critical IT assets with business objectives. IT professionals must now think of integrated protection of whole systems required to support critical business processes and operations rather individual applications or data stores.
PDFNEC White Paper :Five Considerations for Choosing a Microsoft Exchange Continuity Solution How long can you afford your email server to go down? Five minutes? Ten minutes? One hour? Email communication is critical to today's business. Email system continuity, high availability (HA) or disaster recovery (DR) is an issue for any business, regardless of its size; after all, if communication halts or the data lost, critical business operations and revenue streams could be disrupted.