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NEC Express5800/R120g-2E - Storage-Rich

The Express5800/R120g-2E, a cost-effective dual-socket 2U rack server, is a right-sized server with the performance, expandability, and reliability to meet the requirements of storage-intensive workloads. Combining the new high-performance and energy efficient Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 product family, large memory and storage capacity, and high performance RAID controller supporting large cache memory and 12 Gbps SAS interface, the R120g-2E is suitable for network attached storage and data backup servers.

Perfect Fit for Your Storage Needs

To meet the current data growth, data centers need cost-effective storage solutions that provide superior expendably, performance, and data protection features. With up to two 12-core Intel® Xeon® E5- 2600 v4 processors, 16 DIMM slots for DDR4-2400 memory, a choice of 24 2.5-inch drives or 12 3.5-inch drives, and various redundant capabilities, the R120g-2E delivers the optimal balance of performance and features to meet your storage needs.

Expandability for Data Growth

The Express5800/R120g-2E offers superior expandability to keep pace with your data growth. With two integrated gigabit NICs, four PCIe Gen3 and one PCIe Gen2 slots, up to 1 TB of memory capacity, 124 TB of storage capacity, and redundant storage options, the R120g-2E offers flexible network connectivity, superior storage expandability, and secure data protection.

Cost Savings Through Efficiency

NEC’s innovative green design concepts and industry leading fan control technology allows the R120g-2E to operate at temperatures up to 40°C (104°F), therefore reducing cooling requirements. In addition, dual hot plug power supplies with cold-standby mode enable further energy savings. Manage easy setup and deployment with NEC EXPRESSBUILDER and leverage easy management with NEC’s EXPRESSSCOPE Engine 3 together with NEC ESMPRO. The extensive remote management capabilities untangle the complexities in operating and maintaining the server to alleviate the burden of administrative tasks.

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