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NEC Express5800 Fault Tolerant Servers

Full Redundancy with 99.999% System Uptime

With their dual modular redundancy design, NEC’s fault tolerant servers deliver 99.999% system uptime and operational simplicity for the most important applications requiring 24/7 operations.


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Key Technology

NEC’s fault tolerant servers are designed with innovative technology that enables continuous availability for a solution with up to 99.999% system uptime while providing data integrity and exceptional performance.

GeminiEngine™ — the Heart of Lockstep Processing

The heart of the dual-modular redundancy architecture for the FT server is its GeminiEngine™ chipset, a feature specially engineered to synchronize redundant components and prevent CPU performance degradation due to hardware redundancy control. The GeminiEngine feature enables "lockstep" processing, allowing the redundant components to process the same instructions simultaneously, and thereby eliminating potential failure points for continuous processing.

Rapid Disk Resync (RDR)

The Rapid Disk Resync (RDR) is a disk synchronization technology that enables the disks to be resynchronized in a short period of time when their mirror has been broken due to a system failure or system maintenance. The RDR resumes disk mirroring by performing quick copies of only data changes, rather than entire disk data, thereby minimizing the time that the system runs with non-redundant disk system.

* The RDR is available on the Windows models only.