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Blade Server System

IT managers are facing infrastructure challenges that include costs, energy, change and productivity. NEC Express5800 Blade servers provide a versatile infrastructure to quickly deliver services to your business. NEC Express5800 Blade servers systems contain server, storage and network components in a cost-effective design. The management of blade servers is far easier than traditional rack-mount servers, the density is greater and the power consumption much lower.

Blade Enclosure

Blade Enclosures

  • Two choices of enclosure sizes to satisfy every scale of server consolidation
  • Redundant components and advanced management capabilities for high reliability

Server Blade

Server Blade

  • Latest Intel® Xeon processors
  • High performance, high reliability enterprise-class server blades
  • Server blade and connectivity options for flexible configuration

Storage Blade

Storage Blade

  • Direct attached storage blade for flexible and simplified scalability
  • High performance LTO tape blades designed to ensure intact data storage

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