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NEC EMC Troubleshooting Seminar/Reception

Guest speaker Kenneth Wyatt
Presentation Title EMC Troubleshooting and Pre-Qualification Testing on a Budget
Date August 8, 2013 (Thursday)
Time 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
 Registration: 5:00 PM

* Reception to follow presentation at 6:30 PM with hors d'oeuvre and beverages

Venue Colorado Convention Center, Room 113
 (700 14th St  Denver, CO 80202)
Country USA

Seminar Registration is now closed.


"EMC Troubleshooting and Pre-Qualification Testing on a Budget"

Speaker: Kenneth Wyatt (Wyatt Technical Services LLC)




Failures during EMC product qualification testing can result in expensive product delays and possible redesign. Performing simple EMC troubleshooting and pre-compliance testing in your own facility will go a long way towards minimizing the chance of test failures. This presentation describe a low-cost EMC troubleshooting kit you can assemble and then will review several simple pre-compliance tests you can make right on the workbench that will help flag issues early in the design process.




Assembling your own low-cost EMC troubleshooting kit
   - The spectrum analyzer - the heart of the system
   - DIY and commercial probes
   - Simple DIY and low-cost antennas
   - Other useful low-cost instruments

Troubleshooting and pre-compliance tests you can perform prior to compliance testing

   - Radiated emissions (troubleshooting RE and setting up a 3m pre-compliance test range)
   - Radiated immunity
   - Electrostatic discharge (ESD)
   - Conducted immunity



Biography of the speaker

Kenneth Wyatt, Sr. EMC Engineer, Wyatt Technical Services, LLC, holds degrees in biology and electronic engineering and has worked as a product development engineer for 10 years at various aerospace firms on projects ranging from DC-DC power converters to RF and microwave systems for shipboard and space systems. For over 20 years, he has worked as an EMC engineer for Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies in Colorado Springs. He has been an independent EMC consultant since 2008. A prolific author and presenter, he has written or presented topics including RF amplifier design, RF network analysis software, EMC design of products and use of harmonic comb generators for predicting shielding effectiveness. He has been published in magazines such as, RF Design, EMC Design & Test, Electronic Design, Microwave Journal, HP Journal, Safety & EMC (China), Interference Technology (ITEM), InCompliance Magazine, Test & Measurement World and several others. He currently writes The EMC Blog for Test & Measurement World and blogs for The Connecting Edge.
Kenneth is a senior member of the IEEE and a long time member of the EMC Society where he has served as their official photographer. He is also a member of the dB Society and is a licensed amateur radio operator.
His comprehensive yet practical EMC design, measurement and troubleshooting seminar has been presented across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

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