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Scalable Modular Server


Ultra High Density Server Optimal for Big Data Analytics in the IoT era

dx2000 photo

Ideal Platform to support IoT

Big data continues to flood the world in real time, generating valuable information that needs to be collected and analyzed using advanced analytics technology. The feedback generated through big data analytics creates a flow of information about people, things and services and is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). This dramatic flow of information will bring a big impact to business, including changes in the process of knowledge creation, a new social value creation, reformation of industrial structure and industry reorganization.


Today’s businesses must quickly convert enormous amounts of data into  valuable information that provides business insight as well as solutions that can use this new power of IoT. To solve business challenges through IoT requires the ability to utilize big data, create high-speed big data analytics platform, and use an advanced analytics engine to analyze various forms of data such as text, images, audio and video. The Scalable Modular Server DX2000 from NEC is at the core of a high-speed big data analytics platform that delivers both high-speed processing and extreme density, while providing total solutions for big data utilization. NEC’s solutions support building an IoT platform that will help lead your business to the next stage.

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