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Converged Packet Optical Transport System
SpectralWave™ DW7000

Key Features

Scalable Transport and Multi-layer Switching

The DW7000 is designed as a highly-scalable transport system providing a capacity of up to 96 channels at 100Gbps or 64 channels at 400Gbps that can readily accommodate future traffic growth.
The DW7000 also provides multi-layer switching capabilities, i.e. switching at L0 (wavelength), L1 (OTN) and L2 (packet) layers, which allows operators to configure flexible and efficient networks.

Flexible, Robust and Cost-effective Networking

The DW7000 supports linear, ring and mesh topologies allowing for flexible network design. In particular, the multi-degree CDC (Colorless, Directionless, Contentionless) ROADM capability allows operators to assign any wavelength/direction to the output of a given transponder by software. It provides flexible, robust and cost-effective optical path routing as well as traffic restoration, making the DW7000 an excellent fit for mesh networks.

  • *1:
    CDC(Colorless, Directionless, Contentionless)

Industry-leading 100G/400G Transponders

The DW7000 100G/400G transponders have unparalleled transmission performance along with NEC's superb link engineering capability, which minimizes the number of regenerators. They are also built on ecological design (extremely compact, low-power, lightweight), contributing to TCO reduction.

Alien Wavelength Application

The 100G transponders can also be connected to existing DWDM systems from other vendors to provide cost-effective capacity expansion, known as the "alien wavelength" application. NEC has a field-proven track record in this application with technical and economical advantages.

ODU - Aggregation

Switchponder card integrates both L1 Switching and WDM Transponder functions into a single card. It provides variety of client interfaces and improves the wavelength usage in WDM networks.

Unified Management

The MS5000 Network Management System manages DW7000 nodes as well as NEC's other network elements, both optical and wireless.

Future-proof Architecture

The DW7000 has a future-proof architecture ready for T-SDN (Transport Software-defined Networking) and beyond-400G transmission such as 1Tbps. T-SDN Controller provides multi-layer control and management capabilities. Some of its major components include but are not limited to:

  • Optical Network Planner
  • Multi-layer PCE (Path Computation Element)
  • Virtual Routing

400Gbps/1Tbps transmission is achieved by adopting a superchannel technology. NEC further provides flexible and efficient optical networking when such high-speed transmission and mesh networking are in place. Some key features that are planned include:

  • Impairment-aware routing
  • Network defragmentation
  • Optical Multicasting
  • Optical Grooming