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CONNEXIVE IoT Connectivity Engine V1.1 - Requirement

Backend (L5)

Hardware Memory 2GB and over
Disk size 4GB and over(*1)
Software OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 (x86_64)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3
CentOS 6.8 (x86_64)
CentOS 7.3
Message broker RabbitMQ 3.6.6 ~
Web server nginx 1.10.3 ~
Configuration management tool Ansible
Erlang Erlang 19.2.3 ~
Node.js Node.js 6.9.5 ~
Python Python 2.6
Python 2.7
  • (*1)

    The disk size doesn't include the amount of OS, the collected and delivered data, and file sizes.

Core (L3)

We have confirmed that these edge gateway operate.

Edge gateway NEC's Edgegateway
OpenBlocks IoT EX1

Other machines confirmed operation are these below.

Hardware CPU 500 MHz 2 core and over at least (1 GHz 2 core and over are better) (*1)
Memory 128 MB and over at least (512 MB and over are better)
Disk size 100 MB and over(*2)
Software OS Debian 8 ~
  • (*1)
    The above 'CPU' specification is not always used 100%. This value is a bit large for stable operation of the whole system.
  • (*2)

    CONNEXIVE ICE outputs a log message in syslog, so you sometimes need more space of disk  than the above by the rotation condition of syslog when CONNEXIVE ICE is operated.

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