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CONNEXIVE Platform - Key features - SDK

Workflow parts

Provide parts for collecting, accumulating and transforming device’s data. By combining them, the IoT service which have a variety of requirements can be easily accomplished.

Starup Parts
No Type Name Description
1 Event

General-purpose DAG DPX reception

When it receives a request form Device Agent, it starts Workflow.

2 Batch


The workflow is started in the period when the condition was set beforehand.

3 Control

HTTP reception

When it receives HTTP request, it recognizes input parameter form HTTP body and starts Workflow.

4 Control

SOAP over HTTP reception

When it receives SOAP over HTTP request, it recognizes input parameter form SOAP body and starts Workflow.

Processing parts
No Type Name Description
1 Communication

General interface execution

It sends control message to the device which access to data storage using upper APL interface.

2 System

Device authentication

It performs authentication whether device is permitted or not.


Data access

TFB normalization

It normalizes input data, based on device template definitions.


Data access

Memory operation

It can add / update to the value of Workflow execution parameter using SpEL(*).


Data access

Processed data generation

Using DMR, it can add/update/delete/search/export/import to the data in data storage.


Data access

SQL execution


It execute SQL statement which was set beforehand in setting file.

Others:  HTTP send, SOAP over HTTP send, SOAP authentication, Raw data accumulation, E-mail send, Exception handler, etc.

  • (*)

    SpEL(Spring Expression Language)

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