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CONNEXIVE Platform - Key features

Web GUI: Easy settings on Web

Web GUI provides the following three menu for customer operators.

Menu Description

Management Menu

Manage IoT-GW, connecting devices, tenants and account information

Mapping rule Menu

Configure IoT-GW mapping rules (The data received from the devices can be processed according to the rules configured and registered in the DB)
Visualization Visualize sensor date with table, graph and map.

Kinds of processes

This can execute the following process on Edge Gateway.

SDK: You can custermize settings without programming

We offer a developer tool 'SDK'. This enables you to easily define a event and workflow. You don't have to write any particular codes.

Device template setting

This tool enables you to define the format of data from device.

Workflow setting

Many events occur on IoT platform. They’re when receiving events from a device application a service application, the time which is set before and calling from other workflows. You can define a chain of process by SDK for these events. It’s because CONNEXIVE Platform offers some workflow parts of standard logic functions and you can combine these objects. This tool realizes that your system will be able to suit to many situations.

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