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CONNEXIVE IoT Connectivity Engine - Key Features

Feature 1 : Multi vendor systemNEW

CONNEXIVE IoT Connectivity Engine(hereinafter, referred to as 'ICE') enables your system to connect to many Clouds by AWS IoT. There are two following cases to connect Clouds.

Case 1
This send data from Device layer and Edge layer through AWS IoT, and connect to other services.

Case 2
This registers data from Device layer and Edge layer as Thing Shadow, and refers or operates it from Cloud layer.

Feature 2 : Automatic connection to a camera NEW

ICE can automatically find a camera as IoT device and connect to ICE. And this enables you to control from a remote place.

Feature 3 : You can use Node-RED on ICENEW


Node-RED helps you to develop a data flow and change a process easily. In addition, ICE offers some original standard nodes, for example these ones below. 

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