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Carbon nanohorns

Carbon nanohorns

The carbon nanohorns(CNH) are a potential material for energy devices, drug delivery system and others.


Large surface area

The surface area of platinum particles can be increased by using carbon nanohorns.

Produce nanoscale windows

Openings, through which substances are introduced, can be  made on the side wall of carbon nanohorns by heating in an oxygen atmosphere.

Uniform size

Carbon nanohorns has uniform diameter of 50-150nm and a high degree of affinity for a wide variety of materials.


Energy devices

Fuel cells, capacitors

Medical service

Drug delivery system

Composite material

Coating materials


High dispersion

Higher dispersity than carbon nanotube.

Performance control

Performance of carbon nanohorns is controlled by size and numbers of holes according to temperature and length of heating.

High purity, High security

There is no catalyst inside carbon nanohorns

Order unit

As-grown CNH (1g, 10g, 100g)

CNHox               (1g, 10g, 100g)


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