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NEC's vision of the future utilizing AI and IoT [5:08]

Movie script

Dr. Kaku:
We are witnessing one of the greatest revolutions in all of human history.
A revolution driven by artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.
It will generate prosperity, jobs and promote human understanding.
For example, in the future, a chip will cost a penny, so the internet will be everywhere, including our contact lens. When we blink, we will access all human knowledge.
When you need a doctor or a lawyer, you'll talk to the AI image in the wall paper,
which will answer all your medical and legal questions.
So this will fundamentally change our life.
In the future, we will be like wizards controlling information and everything around us.

People and AI, cooperating for a richer society
Here's NEC's vision of the not-so-distant future

NEC the WISE speech balloon:
Hello, I'm NEC the WISE, your AI from NEC. Let's create your ideal home together.
Let's search the world for the Smart Life Designer who can support you.
First, we'll analyze your family's life log.

Smart Life Designer:
Hello, I'd like to analyze your daily lives with AI so I can propose your ideal home.
Let's see what your usual lifestyle is like.
Let's put this over here. I've selected a sofa made from nature friendly materials.
Touch it and see how it feels.
We also offer a service that looks after your home life with IoT.

AI delivers a more exciting future.
Various information will be analyzed in real time, giving shape to wishes you've never been aware of.

NEC the WISE speech balloon:
I also check the status of your household devices and your health conditions.

I'm glad you like it.

NEC the WISE speech balloon:
Now, let's search the world for the ideal supplier.
This will be produced with forest-certified wood.
Here is the process from production to delivery.

Complex value chains throughout the world will be simplified.
AI gives shape to new industries realizing a world of greater equality.

NEC the WISE speech balloon:
Malfunction predicted.
Schedule adjusted due to maintenance.

Product inspected and ready for delivery.
It will arrive in about a week.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, AI maintains the safety and security of this city.

NEC the WISE speech balloon:
Cyber attack detected.
An unexperienced attack, but the system is unharmed.

Searching for suspect.
Suspect's details and face identified.

Various risk-related information are gathered with IoT and analyzed with AI.
Such information is shared and leveraged with other cities so communities can be protected from increasingly complex risks.

NEC the WISE speech balloon:
Based on his previous actions, he is expected to be in Rio Grande.

Suspect spotted in Area 79.

NEC the WISE speech balloon:
I always keep a close watch on the Earth's condition.


People and AI. We people can all work together to make our Earth more sustainable.

NEC the WISE speech balloon:
Information on endangered species has arrived via satellite.

I'll share this real-time data by IoT with your colleagues around the world.
Good news from Borneo. A new wildlife habitat has been discovered.

Through further human effort, we can recover the forest's eco system.
Being connected to the world anytime, anywhere allows us all to better share our thoughts and wisdom.

NEC the WISE speech balloon:
I can even find things for you that you won't be able to see.

With people and AI in cooperation, the future will become a richer world in which
people and the Earth can co-exist in harmony.

Dr. Kaku:
This revolution in AI and the Internet of Things promises us a new society.
Not only will it help to reduce inefficiencies, and make things cheaper,
it will also help to break down barriers between people. And so we should welcome this revolution. This revolution will change human history. It promises us a brighter world.

Together with people around the world, NEC orchestrates a rich future.

Orchestrating a brighter world


A video about NEC's vision of the not-so-distant future utilizing AI and IoT.
People and AI, cooperating for a richer society, giving shape to wishes you've never dreamed of!

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(December 2, 2016)