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Elevate Your Entire Travel Experience with Star Alliance Biometrics [2:38]

Movie script

Elevate the entire travel experience.
From reservation to destination, streamline passenger movement with reduced queueing and fast, touchless, and secure service at all checkpoints, for any passenger who opts in to use Star Alliance Biometrics.
Travelers who choose to participate enroll once and can use their unique Digital ID everywhere, walking through checkpoints with a simple smile: Baggage drop, security check, boarding and more.
This technology is in use at several airports now, powered by NEC I:Delight.

Our strategy here is to create a better customer experience, recognizing the fast-changing world of the future, in terms of customer expectations and also customer experience.

Max is traveling to see his mother on her birthday. He downloads Star Alliance Biometrics and opts in from home by snapping a selfie and scanning his passport.
He knows the platform has been designed in compliance with applicable data protection laws and that he is in charge of his encrypted Digital ID. Max selects where he will use his ID. He can change his mind or opt out any time.
Max will check a bag for this trip, so he skips the line and heads to a kiosk. His face is confirmed in seconds – even with his mask on – and matched with flight information.
Security is the next stop. By scanning his face, Max gets confirmation without personal contact.

The main benefit will be speed and convenience for the passenger. You don't need to, oh where's my boarding pass, where's my smart watch.

Automated wayfinding kiosks recognize Max and direct him to his gate, and additional resources pop up like airport lounges, retail shops and baggage claim.
Max picks up a gift for his mother at the duty-free shop and flashes a smile to approve the purchase.
The biometrics payment service provides a more convenient and hygienic experience than credit cards because it's touchless.
Biometrics identification opens doors to the business lounge and provides a personalized visit with no need to check in.
At the e-gate, a face scan acts as Max's boarding pass.
MAX's digital ID can also be used for other consented transactions, such as rental cars and hospitality.
As airlines and airports adopt the technology, he can use his Digital ID at connections along his journey.
Now he's home safely and uses a simple smile for the final stop – to wish his mother a happy birthday.

Orchestrating a brighter world


The world's largest global airline alliance, Star Alliance, launched its new biometrics service, Star Alliance Biometrics in November 2020. The identity management platform provides travelers with a seamless curb-to-gate, touchless experience using NEC I:Delight. This technology enables travelers simply create a single DigitalID to pass through the airport from check-in, bag drop, security checkpoints to boarding, and beyond.

See how MAX, enjoys his seamless travel experience using Star Alliance Biometrics, powered by NEC I:Delight.

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(April 21, 2021)