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A Seamless Customer Journey with Star Alliance Biometrics, Powered by NEC I:Delight [2:58]

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Star Alliance is the world’s largest airline alliance and they are working to streamline passengers from reservation to destination with reduced queueing and fast, touchless and secure service at all checkpoints, for all passengers who opt in to Star Alliance Biometrics, powered by NEC I:Delight.

We have been focused with NEC in our work to deliver the biometrics program that is a very important milestone for our innovation portfolio.
Particularly in our biometrics program, NEC has great history experience and credentials in this area.

But what is important for us as we identify partners is that the partners understand our business, because it allows us to build long-term and enduring partnerships.
And we believe together with NEC we can deliver on a leading edge innovation experience for our customers.

The main benefit will be speed and convenience for the passenger.
And we bring back the confidence and security, and the safety to our passengers. Yes! Traveling is safe and NEC is providing a great job and saying, Hey, you do the biometrics. You don’t need to touch, leave your mask on, we’ll get you through the airport.

In the longer term, we look forward to enhance this solution. This may be duty-free purchases, car rentals, boarding on trains, wayfinding in airports or hotel check-ins.

I think biometrics boarding is the way for the future. Just to do a passenger identification at the airport. It’s kind of a win-win situation. The passenger gets a more convenient way of boarding and we get a more seamless and even touchless way of boarding.

We want NEC to be our partner as we build our short to medium term vision to integrate more of our members and to integrate more airports into the biometrics products.
And in NEC we believe we have a good partnership to drive and deliver on this vision.

Travelers who choose to participate enroll once and use their unique Digital ID everywhere, walking through checkpoints with a simple smile. Security check, boarding and soon, baggage drop-off and business lounges. This technology is in use at several airports now, with Star Alliance Biometrics, powered by NEC I:Delight.

Orchestrating a brighter world


The world’s largest global airline alliance, Star Alliance, launched its new biometrics service, Star Alliance Biometrics in November 2020. Watch this video to see how Star Alliance members can enjoy and experience various airport touchpoints using a single Digital ID. Touchpoints include check-in, baggage drop, VIP lounge, duty free shopping and many more. Powered by NEC I:Delight, this technology is now available at Frankfurt and Munich airports, for Lufthansa flights.

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(April 21, 2021)