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Smart Retail CX Concept Video [3:00]

Movie script

Smart Retail CX
Consumer-Centric Retailing

Customer Engagement

On her way to work, she orders
take-out from her favorite store.

Using biometrics, store confirms her order no.

We offer stress-free shopping for your busy mornings.

Secure Retail Experience

The jacket she liked is available at a nearby shop.

After trying it on, she can leave the store
empty-handed and have it delivered to
her home via online order.

We're always here to help you discover great

Meanwhile the owner can check the
store and inventory remotely.

Prices are modified in real time

We would like to provide and create
more convenient and pleasant shopping

We reduce opportunity loss by preventing stock out events

Operational Excellence

We propose to realize a world where all the disagreeable aspects of shopping don't exist and anyone can feel that shopping is a pleasant and exciting experience.

Orchestrating a brighter world


NEC Value Chain Innovation
Smart Retail CX Concept Video
The world of "Smart Retail CX" that NEC is aiming for, we will introduce it from both sides of various shopping experiences for consumers and store management to support them.

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(Jun 17, 2022)