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Secure cloud solution helps create an opportunity of education [5:46]

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[Professor Maria Cristina Diaz, Minister of Education - Ministry of Education, Province of San Juan Argentina]

The Ministry of Education has four levels of teaching, approximately 800 educational institutions comprising of 485 school buildings throughout the province. Our services are present in places that are barely inhabitable, and inaccessible.

´╝╗Gustavo Quiroga, Project Manager, Ministry of Education, Province of San Juan´╝Ż

The Ministry of Education has around 20,000 employees - 50% of the public administration of the Province of San Juan.

[Prof.Maria Cristina Diaz]

In 1992, there was a transfer of the national educational services. Matters got complicated when the number of schools, teachers and students multiplied considerably. Because of this, the Ministry started to be really slow in answering the numerous demands that the new provincial system had put before them.

[Diego Apugliese, Program Manager, NEC Argentina]

The government of the Province of San Juan had serious problems with work flows with the day to day procedures.

[Gustavo Quiroga, M.o.E]

We needed software in order to make some of the administrative processes quicker and we needed connectivity that was associated with that software.

[Prof.Maria Cristina Diaz]

Knowing that having reliable information is the basis of being able to make decisions, we designed, with the help of the technicians from the company NEC, a way to connect all the schools with one another and with the Ministry of Education.

[Luis Riba, Project Manager, NEC Argentina]

One of the possible solutions that we suggested to the Ministry of Education and became more defined, was the "cloud" solution. This solution allowed us to integrate virtual desktops and VoIP telephony, all located on secure servers in a data centre, with software that allowed us to manage the educational system. The EMS.

[Diego Apugliese, NEC Argentina]

This product serves different functions covering all the educational processes. From the enrolment of a student in an educational institution, to the design of educational programs and the information on the infrastructure of a building. In other words, our Educational Suite covers all requirements within educational processes.

We basically developed a communication network that today covers almost 100% of the territory of San Juan.

[Claudia Marisa Montoro, Headteacher, Faustino Sarmiento de Berlin School, San Juan ]

This is a small school, we have a total of 160 students between pre-school level and elementary school.

The Ministry have given us new technology. We also receive free internet access. We have rapid access to all sorts of information that we need for our job, especially administrative ones from the Ministry of Education.

We also have the possibility of communicating through telephones that are incorporated in these computers. Communicating with the rest of the schools helps us to organize events or actions to improve our academic and educational level with other institutions in a fast and effective manner

[Hugo Castro, Teacher, Agrotecnica Los Pioneros School, Rauson, San Juan]

This school is an agro-technical school with morning and afternoon sessions. In the morning they have the technical part, in the field, and, in the afternoon, they have the theoretical part

This area doesn't have internet access, and so the kids are in a learning period with this type of new technology. I think these new technologies are very important, and the kids are eager for them

[Prof.Maria Cristina Diaz]

If we don't incorporate these new technologies into the teaching and learning process, in the near future, the gap between those who are familiar with these new technologies and those who aren't, will be completely impossible to cross. Impossible.

[Diego Apugliese, NEC Argentina]

On this technology we installed IP Telephony, this reduces the costs of the calls considerably as it has zero cost from any part of the San Juan area.

[Luis Riba, NEC Argentina]

Through the integration of VoIP telephony, we have achieved an integrated performance that allows us to lower our costs, centralize our hardware, and avoid high maintenance fees. From this platform we also connected slim devices known as Thin Clients. These Thin Clients are devices connected to computers, PCs, desktops which not only reduce maintenance and ecological problems like noise, as they are very portable as mobile units so it is possible to take these remote desktops to any place where the Internet will allow

[Claudia Marisa Montoro, San Juan]

The use of this technology saves me a tremendous amount of energy, time and money for communication and carrying out different tasks. I therefore find myself having more time to work on what is specifically educational with the teachers and with the students.

[Gustavo Quiroga, M.o.E]

There are very few companies in Argentina that are providing this type of technologythat will allow our teachers to be better connected . The reality was many schools in San Juan did not have a telephone service. Before, if the school didn't have a phone, the headteacherhad to come from their school to here. I mean, we have schools that are 400 kilometres away.

[Luis Riba, NEC Argentina]

The beneficiaries of this technological solution are all those who are connected in all the schools

[Prof.Maria Cristina Diaz]

In our country, this is the first province that has tried to organise itself on the Ministry of Education's level. We have had the excellent help of NEC, who have known how to interpret our aspirations with relation to the project.

[Gustavo Quiroga, M.o.E]

They were always willing to look for the best solution, and they were always willing to resolve the different questions that we asked them

[Diego Apugliese, NEC Argentina]

NEC's greatest strength is the capability of its team to understand the needs of the clients.

[Luis Riba, NEC Argentina]

For the continuation of this project, we are considering extending the network of schools throughout the province of San Juan.

[Gustavo Quiroga, M.o.E]

We're laying down the foundations for there to be a completely different type of education. The fact that it will be possible to connect every educational establishment means that we're going to be able to implement distance learning, virtual classrooms, virtual chalkboards, etc., without problems

[Prof.Maria Cristina Diaz]

This incorporation of new technologies opens infinite possibilities for the educational process. This is allowing students from isolated areas, for example, to have access to information and cultural richness that they would not get any other way. It opens infinite possibilities for us, for our ability to train, adapt ourselves, and to look to the future with optimism, and transmit this optimism to our students.


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