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Combining multiple biometric data increases overall recognition accuracy [2:58]

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NEC's image recognition technology plays a major role in biometrics authentication where a high level of accuracy is required.

A fingerprint is inherently characteristic and completely different even between identical twins. Also, fingerprint patterns never change.

NEC's image recognition technology can also be applied to fingerprint identification.

Fingerprints have different types of ridges that are terminated or separated.
As such, distinguishing the placement of these traits enables individual identification.

NEC now provides multi-modal authentication solutions with fingerprint and finger vein to tighten security measures. Although very rare, fingerprints or finger veins sometimes can't be properly scanned. By combining these 2 identifiers, recognition accuracy increases dramatically.

NEC 2nd Government and Public Solutions Division Rie Kokuryo.

NEC developed the world's first contactless fingerprint and finger vein scanner.

Fingerprints can be copied, but there's no way to copy vein data. Combining fingerprints and vein data, these 2 biometric data increases overall recognition accuracy and prevents identity fraud. The contactless scan enables a hygienic identification.

When a finger is placed above the scanner, the built-in image sensor simultaneously reads the fingerprint and finger vein patterns. The error rate is approximately 1 in 10 million.

NEC's fingerprint identification systems are employed by many customers worldwide including the Department of Justice in California, where the world's largest fingerprint database is in operation for criminal investigations.

In Bolivia, the fingerprint and facial authentication system was employed for individual verification at the election, eliminating illegal voting such as multiple ballots.

By combining biometrics technologies, NEC provides high accuracy in authentication solutions.

NEC has provided various solutions based on recognition technologies with its long experience, extensive achievements and expertise. NEC will continue contributing to the enrichment of daily life and strengthening businesses through its leading-edge technology and services.
Furthermore, we will support the safety of our society.

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(January 24, 2013)