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NEC's biometric voter ID supports fair elections by avoiding voter fraud [5:06]

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A presidential election was held in Bolivia in December of 2009.
The Bolivian government regarded this presidential election as a perfect opportunity to introduce a system where voters cannot vote without prior biometric registration.
This biometric voter ID solution resolved the issues of voter duplication and voter fraud and also made it possible for Bolivian citizens living outside Bolivia to vote for the first time in the history of the country.

Bolivia has a population of about 10 million people of many different cultures, spread over a geographic area of over one million square kilometers.
For political and geographical reasons, it has long lacked a permanent, reliable electoral voter list.
The solution required by the CNE, the National Electoral Court of Bolivia, had to include biometric technologies for registering a range of different people and a way to train experts to eliminate suspect registrations.
The solution had to be cost effective and, due to the pressure of upcoming presidential elections, the project had to be completed in just 75 days. Moreover, to encourage people to register their data, the process had to be impartial and secure.

Interview : Antonio Costas (President CNE)
We received concerns about using a foreign company, to capture our fingerprints, but when we performed the task, we were directly involved, and the company that provided us with the technology
was the ones that actually supported us.


The qualification committee recommends to the plenary of the Electoral National Court awarding the tender of the contract to NEC Argentina S.A., after obtaining the highest score.

The company that CNE chose as a partner to overcome these challenges was NEC.
NEC promptly delivered 3,000 biometric enrollment terminals and an Automated Fingerprint Identification System - AFIS which plays a central role in identification using Fingerprint Matching. This system is also enabled to manage facial registration and identification, and signature registration.

Speech : Antonio Costas (President CNE)
Today we start the modernization of our electoral register.

Implementing the solution over such a complicated geographical area, with a capital situated high up in the Andes, would also require a strategy combining logistics, training, legal support, and communication.

Interview : Roxana Ybarnegaray (VOCAL CNE)
In the communication campaign, we sent clear and direct messages to the citizens so they would understand the registration process was to pursue the right to vote for the elections on December 6th and future elections.

Electoral officials with mobile terminals visited the rural areas nationwide in order to cover all voters scattered over a large area.
These mobile terminals also enabled the infirm and the disabled to register.

Interview : An ill person
I couldn't go because I can't walk.
Thank you for coming here. Thank you very much.

At last, registration of all voters in and outside Bolivia was completed within the 75-day deadline.

With its high accuracy rates, NEC's award-winning AFIS and facial recognition is one of the most cutting edge biometric technologies in the world.
A modern data center was established in Bolivia and all the personal information of the Bolivian population was securely stored.

The project turned out to be a great success, and for the first time, almost all Bolivians were able to participate in the democratic process.

Interview : Antonio Costas (President CNE)
This is a Bolivian project made by Bolivians and for Bolivians. We built the project from scratch, selected the right technology, and used this successfully. We can then say that we, as Bolivians, carried this out.

NEC has supported Bolivia in carrying out this National project and has made an important contribution to Bolivian society.


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