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Visualizing the Earth from Space [3:00]

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Visualizing the Earth from Space

To create a society in harmony with nature for a prosperous future for both mankind and the planet.
NEC develops and operates a variety of satellites.
These satellites are now being used for new initiatives.

Connected to delicious meals, safe and secure communities, and disaster risk reduction.

Did you know that satellite data helps enrich your life?

For example, the fish on the table is caught with the help of observation data from space.
Satellite data reveal the color of the sea that changes with sea temperature and plankton density.
This tells us where we can find fish.
Knowing the exact location of fish enables sustainable fisheries, eventually helping conserve resources.

Likewise, agriculture is being enhanced by ICT.
To grow quality produce efficiently.
AI-driven analysis of satellite data that monitors crop growth helps identify the optimal quantities of water and fertilizers suited to the weather and crop growth conditions.
This leads to higher efficiency and productivity.

Satellite data are also invaluable
for urban conservation and where we live.
For instance, satellite data identify changes in land surface over wide areas.
The ability to detect slight changes in mm, helps efficiently maintain and manage roads, bridges, railways, runways and other urban infrastructure.

Natural disasters have a huge impact on our lives.
Here again, satellite data clearly identify damages caused by a typhoon or flood, or help build an observation system for volcanic eruptions, effectively contributing to disaster risk reduction.

The world is ever-changing and is facing numerous social issues.
Through satellite development and operation, AI-driven data analysis and more, NEC is dedicated to leveraging its expertise to create a better future.

Visualizing the Earth from Space
Is about its preservation.
So let us challenge ourselves to think and act for
a brighter and sustainable future.

Orchestrating a brighter world


Satellites are currently being used for new applications including providing delicious meals, ensuring safe and secure communities, and reducing disaster risks.
NEC develops and operates satellites that contributes to realizing a brighter and sustainable society.

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(March 24, 2021)