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NEC Advanced Analytics - RAPID machine learning ~RAPID supports human decisions with AI~ [2:56]

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Let's look at three applications and what they can do with RAPID machine learning based on software incorporating deep learning technology.

The first is image analysis. High-precision image classification and detection aids human decision-making. Fukuda Road Company uses RAPID machine learning for image analysis of still photos of roads from vehicles to automatically generate a model to detect ruts or cracks and classify road degradation. Road damage automatically detected by this model can be visualized using map data.

The next application is matching. For human resources matching, text information like resumes and company openings can be fully utilized to automatically generate predictive models that learned from past successes or failures. The predictive model matches openings with highly suitable job-seekers. By automating the personnel and time-intensive process of job matching so often left to on-the-spot intuition, recruiting costs can be cut to a fifth.

The third application is time series numerical analysis. Highly effective in the manufacturing industry, equipment failure can be predicted by numerical analysis of time series data from manufacturing line machinery.
Less downtime improves productivity, while efficient parts replacement cuts costs.

NEC has multiple packages for various use cases and highly experienced sales staff and engineers, providing a one-stop AI solution for diverse problems.

Our RAPID machine learning is pre-tuned with fast, lightweight, high-precision software optimized for Intel processors. Results are achieved with one-fourteenth the computational learning complexity as similar engines, and generated models are a fiftieth the size. Now you can adopt AI swiftly with this single device, instead of the vast server capacity and months of preparatory work previously required.
On-premises usability allows safe and simple handling of personal information like photos of faces or of high-volume videos and sensor data, without going through the cloud.

Orchestrating a brighter world


RAPID machine learning enables you to have computers make human-like decisions by training them with data such as images and text. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the technology paid much attention all over the world in recent years. We see a lot more news these days on AI being used in tasks like these. But maybe you think there are still too many barriers stopping you from putting AI to use in your company. But that's not true. By simplifying the adoption of constantly evolving AI technology, we provide effective solutions with accurate support to thinking and decision-making. Let's look at what sort of problems you can solve with RAPID machine learning's ability to solve any barriers to AI.

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(November 15, 2017)