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Future society by NEC Safer Cities ~Safe and secure cities that stimulate the development of children. [01:53]


NEC Safer cities provides safety and security life and efficient and equal services.
This video shows the desired society based on our discussion about what people want, how people live, what services and technologies support their life in 2030.

NEC aims to create a future in which everyone without exception can move across international borders actively to take part in all aspects of society.
In mature societies, people will lead safe, healthy, and productive lives while having the freedom to pursue their hopes and dreams. Likewise, in a maturing society, people's lives will be safer, more secure, and make a huge leap forward in convenience.

NEC's future vison are shown in the scenario "Making cities more livable for all by helping each and every child develop their individuality".

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(September 27, 2019)