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New lifestyle with EV/PHV charger [3:00]

Movie script

Mitsui-Fudosan is promoting smart city strategy in a subject of "urban development looking ahead to the future".
EV/PHV are eco-friendly electric automobiles.
Widespread-use of the vehicle and setting up infrastructure equipments have been an agenda from the beginning.

Tokyo Midtown:
Certified as an environmentally top-level business establishment in Tokyo, and since it draws keen attention, We believe Tokyo Midtown is suitable as a first step.
125 units of EV chargers were installed in the underground parking lot.

There were two challenges.
Firstly, we took great care that construction went smoothly so as not to disturb customers.
And secondly, was how to operate efficiently.
The EV charger from NEC was very compact, which allow us to install it in existing parking lots without any changes.
Also, as for the charging system, it was important for us that one charging controller handles 20-30 units of EVchargers.
The installed system is able to handle different payment systems such as electronic money.
It was a one-stop service which solves constructional and operational challenges after the installation.
The concept was to set up a large number of chargers, so that people can park either a gasoline-car or an electric automobile and charge the vehicle at any parking lot.
In that way, customers will feel safe to come to the facility.
After numerous meetings, we installed the system that welcomes any type of car, whether it's a domestic car or an imported car.

Tokyo Midtown:
All you have to do is to park a car in an existing parking lot.
The parking area is transformed into "the place to charge a car".

Majority of people who drive cars in Tokyo only drive around 200km per month.

Tokyo Midtown:
By using a normal charger during two hour shopping, it covers electricity to drive approximately 50km.

When those people come and charge two hours while shopping, they can ensure energy for a week.
We believe this will become a new life style.
We pioneered the system, so that other premises will follow, and make this system widespread and popular.
It would be very nice that we build a society where electric cars run everywhere and people can charge their cars when they go shopping.
We would like to work on urban development further looking ahead to the future in partnership with NEC.

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    Mileage depends on type of car.
    Please kindly confirm it in the car company's website.


Mitsui Fudosan Co.Ltd., real estate company in Japan, installed EV/PHV charging system in the parking area of "Tokyo Mid Town" in Roppongi, Tokyo.
People can now charge their cars using EV/PHV charging spots during shopping. It's a new style in our daily life.

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(July 12, 2016)