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Value Creation through IoT for Mitsubishi Electric Corporation [3:03]

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NEC Industrial IoT
Value Creation through IoT
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


e-F@ctory, an integration of factory automation and information technology.

Mr. Masayuki Yamamoto
Corporate Executive
Group Senior Vice President
Factory Automation Systems
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation:

Since 2003, Mitsubishi Electric has been engaged in manufacturing going one step ahead under the concept of e-F@ctory so as to provide continued support for "customers' business process improvement".

Up until now, demand for "tangibles" was very dominant, but we feel that appreciation for "intangibles" is really heightening among consumers. We need to respond our various customers' needs such as multiproduct variable quantity production, utilizing IoT including engineering chain.

Furthermore, we will be able to provide new values to our customers with IoT technologies, such as monitoring operational status of laser processing system remotely.

NEC as an IoT solution partner.
In the laser processing machine case, the machine will collect various data. Actually, the data will be an important assets for our customers.

The first challenge was to manage these customer's assets, with a robust secured environment.

The second was that we needed to provide appropriate support for the machines in operation all over the world . We tackled with these two challenges.

Therefore, we decided to adopt NEC's outstanding IoT Platform.

Ms. Hiroko Takada
Laser Design Section
Laser Systems Dept.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Nagoya Works:

Customers required optimal production management, however information on production was not enough.

In the past, when problems occur and, the service staff received a call, they have to go to the site without knowing the details.

Challenges at production sites.

  • Lack of production information.
  • Impossible to analyze the causes of problems before service staff arrive on sites.

Services brought about by IoT.
First is the dashboard functionality. Production statuses can be checked from outside and data can be quantitatively analyzed.

Dashboard functionality.
Production statuses can be checked and analyzed from anywhere.

The other is remote diagnosis function. Machine downtime can be reduced, since service staff can analyze customer machine statuses before arriving on sites.

Remote diagnosis functionality.
Service staff can diagnose customer machines beforehand from service centers.

The customer benefits of laser production machine
Mr. Naoto Kotani
Representative Director
Tatsumi Steel Co., Ltd.:

We are thankful that restoration time from operation stop or machine downtime in night became shorter, which brought both improved productivity and operating rate.

Ms. Hiroko Takada:
We will propose a new value creation that matches different business styles of our customers.

Mr. Masayuki Yamamoto:
We believe various benefits will be brought about by making use of analysis results in the future. We presume that these methods will continue evolving and create more possibilities for new businesses.

Creating new values through NEC's IoT

Orchestrating a brighter world


Mitsubishi Electric Co. chose NEC as an IoT solution partner. They enable to improve their productivity and to provide new values to customers with IoT technologies.

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(September 15, 2016)