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Comprehensive energy solutions for a smarter city and greener earth [3:54]

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Imagine this is your city, a city that is bustling with inhabitants that work, play, eat and sleep.

This is a city that is alive twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

This is a city that never sleeps.

NEC's vision of your smart city is a city that is powered by the four Es:

  • eMetering
  • eStorage
  • eMobility
  • eMS (Energy Management System)

amalgamates Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) with a Meter Data

Management System (MDMS)

to seamlessly measure, collect and analyze energy usage

integrate to existing enterprise applications to help streamline utility business processes

leverages NEC's experience and know-how in lithium-ion battery technologies

to provide Energy Storage Systems at multi-tiers, from home level to substation level

fuses power electronics with IT network technologies for power control and energy management.

To encourage the use of energy storage systems to arbitrage between peak and off peak hour energy pricing

fuses the future of transportation with NEC's latest electricity and infocomm technologies.

It will change the way you commute, making it smarter and more efficient,

while reducing pollution and gearing away our dependability on fossil fuel

intelligent systems designed to monitor and control the energy consumption of homes, buildings/offices or estates/campuses.

By monitoring the energy usage NEC eMS will be able to control the energy profile, produce trend analyses and consumption forecasts, and optimize energy efficiency.

Digital Energy Meter
provides you with real-time and accurate profile of your energy consumption patterns

provide the benefits of gaining visibility on how electricity is used, reduce the overall base load and reduce peak power demand.

Reduce the overall base load by identifying unnecessary constant energy use

With proactive monitoring of energy, up to 20% energy consumption can be cut.

PC Power Optimization Software
reduces the power consumption of idle devices.

When your usage requirements change, this software adapts on the fly to make sure you receive maximum performance as soon as you need it.

This results in both energy and cost savings of up to 40%

Battery life can thus be extended

Home Appliance Smart Plug
innovative solution to help consumers better understand and take control over the household energy consumption.

eliminate wasteful standby power, lowers the overall environmental impact

at the same time saves you money in the process.

Monitor remotely and control appliances via Internet

Set alerts for peak warning

By infusing innovation into the intelligent grid we can create a Smarter City and a Greener Earth.

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