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Our People Making a Difference (Recruiting Video) [3:30]

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NEC is a global leader in IT and networking.
We make cities safe, with the world's top-rated biometrics identification technologies. We keep society secure, using our intelligence surveillance system. We support business efficiency with optimum IT services. And we connect people through reliable communication infrastructure.

Richard Delanglez
New Business Development, Transport & City Infrastructure Solutions
NEC France / NEC Corporation Japan:

I joined NEC France 12 years ago.
I had the opportunity to move to NEC Japan 5 years ago. The company has a really domestic image, but lots of people have international experience and I was surprised by the level of English by most of the staff.

Mana Kinoshita
Strategy and Project Management, Global Mergers & Acquisitions
NEC Corporation Japan:

I joined NEC 22 years ago right after college.
I just thought, a globally operating company like NEC will give me many chances and, opportunities. My decision at that time turned out to be right.
My first job was to promote strategic alliances. On my 5th year at NEC, I spent one year studying at law school in the US on a study abroad program, and I moved on to next step to do mergers and acquisitions and investments at the corporate level.

Raghu Mathur
High Performance Computer Research, Government & Public Solutions
NEC Technologies India / NEC Corporation Japan:

I started with NEC as a developer in embedded systems domain.
I am now working in Japan with high-performance computing division, as a technical researcher. I help the researchers and their simulations, helping local governments and municipalities figure out their plans for health, security, tsunamis, disaster prevention, earthquake simulations, and weather predictions. These are the kinds of researches that we are working on. And it's pretty cool to be part of it.

Richard Delanglez:
The 4 pillars of NEC, "Safety", "Security", "Efficiency", and "Equality" are not only our corporate message; they are linked to our everyday work.
I remember when I went to Argentina a few years ago. The local team was providing software for the local hospital helping it become more organized and efficient, and they were also providing solutions for people to be able to get an education remotely. That's really providing equal access and equality to all the people to access the resources. For future, I'm excited about working with more diverse people, as NEC grows more globally.

Raghu Mathur:
My career at NEC has been really challenging, and at various points in time, I've felt the need to think out of the box, and be creative. The experience is great because every day is a new learning. Just interacting with these people, I get to learn so much everyday.

Over the years, I have worked with lots of good people, and when you want support, people do make a lot of effort, and lots of people have become friends.

The kind of research that we've been working on for the past some time, I would really like to see them materialize, and shape up a better future as we have envisioned.

With 25billion dollar sales worldwide, and 100,000 employees, NEC is creating value for society.


Take a peek inside NEC and see who we really are. Discover how our employees are making a difference to society and what motivates them.

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(April 14, 2016)