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NEC's SDN solutions enable to improve medical care & research at the Keio University Hospital [3:00]

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Contributing to Keio University Hospital's Objective: "The Development of Medical Care and Research,"
SDN solutions of NEC

Dr. Tsutomu Takeuchi General Director Keio University Hospital:
At Keio University Hospital we provide advanced medical treatment to about 3,000 outpatients every day.
As a trusted hospital with the utmost care on patients, we strive to develop advanced treatments.
There is ongoing construction of a new building in the hospital which will serve as the core facility.

For handling personal medical data securely and for further advancement of our research, IT network of the new building is very important to us.

Dr. Mototsugu Oya Deputy Director in Charge of Information Keio University Hospital:
Electronic medical records are used for treating each patient, and also for our research on developing medical treatments. Thus, this system is top priority.

One problem of university hospitals is that treatment and research are done separately.

We wanted to cover both areas, but also keep costs down.
To resolve this issue, we called for proposals from different vendors.

Dr. Masayuki Amagai
Chief of Hospital Information Systems
Vice Dean, Keio University School of Medicine:

The system we decided on was SDN, by NEC.
It works well with our existing network and it operates stably without any problems.

Using the same infrastructure, we also added keiomobile2, a network for staff.
It's now operating.

Setup was easy. Most of the work could be done by the Keio staff.
It's an appealing technology that works well for both doctors and patients.

Dr. Masahiro Hashimoto
Diagnostic Radiology
Keio University School of Medicine:

With secure access to internet in both conference rooms and reading rooms, treatment and research can collaborate more smoothly.

Dr. Oya:
SDN utilizes existing network and it can be expanded at any stage you need.
So investment cost is not wasted.

It can flexibly meet the demands of treatment and research and can manage data securely.

We hope availability will improve further in the future so that we can adopt SDN for the IT networks of all our buildings.

Dr. Takeuchi:
We want to offer better care by bringing treatment and research closer. This is the mission we have to fulfill.
We'll contribute to medical care and research, with NEC.

Contributing to Keio University Hospital's Objective: "The Development of Medical Care and Research,"
SDN solutions of NEC

Orchestrating a brighter world


Keio University Hospital is building a new hospital in order to enforce further collaboration of medical and reserach, and they chose NEC's SDN, aiming at open network which can support future service requirement. As a result, it made smoother communication between medical and research. It also enabled integration with existing networks cost efficiently.

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(November 11, 2016)