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Hayabusa2: Passing on the baton –Engineers' challenging spirit- [0:30]

Movie script

Tetsuya Masuda
Space System Division, NEC

It was a team that, in a good way, refused to give up.
We were attempting something that had never been done before.
You could tell everypone was really hightly motivated.

Kota Matsushima
Space System Division, NEC

Afeter you take up the baton, Its vital to pass it on.
NEC's greatest strength is its challenger DNA.
Hence its ventures into fields like satellites and space exploration.

Orchestrating a brighter world


Hayabusa2, the asteroid explorer, returns back to Earth on December 6th, 2020 with fragments of asteroid Ryugu.
Recognized for its many world-firsts, Hayabusa2 was supported by the passion of NEC engineers. Find out more.
NEC's challenge into space continues.

This video was shot in August 2020.

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