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Unlock the future with hopes and dreams -Rui's next challenges after his 1st year in the NBA- [1:12]

Movie script

Silver medalist, Para Icehockey, Vancouver Paralympic
Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Promotion Division, NEC Corporation
Daisuke Uehara

How was your first year in the NBA – one of the world’s best basketball league?

Washington Wizards
Rui Hachimura

I feel relieved. It was really a lot of fun.

I learned a lot of things that I will take to the next season.

The 159-to-158-point game will go down in history.
I mean, nearly 160 points is really an unlikely number.
That game was our first home game for the season, I remember it vividly.

The Japanese and the American cultures are completely different.
I've grown up in Japan.
And I feel Japanese modesty and other things from my culture is helping me in the U.S.

I've been really blessed with warm people around me. A lot of great people.
I wouldn't be here today without the people who supported me.

We didn't advance the playoffs this year.
I think we have a big chance of reaching the playoffs next season.
I’m going to do my best to help my team do better next year.

In order to keep playing basketball in the U.S, I knew I had to study harder.
I think if you have a deep passion for something, wanting to improve comes naturally.
Hard work and passion – that’s what’s important.

Orchestrating a brighter world


NEC has become an Official Global Partner of Washington Wizards and signed an international partnership with professional basketball player, Rui Hachimura, since Oct, 2019.

As part of these partnerships, He visited NEC Headquarters and the interveiw session was held. He told us his impressions after first year in the NBA, Ambition for the next season, Tips on how to keep up his effort etc.

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(November 25, 2020)