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Seven-Eleven Japan's in-store facilities equipment monitoring system [2:52]

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NEC is co-creating with Seven-Eleven Japan
Seven-Eleven Japan Co.,Ltd.

Hisashi Ohashi,
Director & Executive Officer, Seven-Eleven Japan:

To continually realize
better convenience and availability for our customers,
we must ensure reliable operation of
our in-store technology and equipment at all times.

Katsutane Aihara,
Director & Executive Officer, Seven & i Holdings:

Since our first system about 40 years ago
to our current 7th generation system, together with NEC,
we have evolved our store systems
through a process of continuous improvement,
creating a retail system that's more beneficial, more profitable,
and more efficient for our franchise stores.

For example, we use an in-store equipment monitoring system to improve efficiency of operations.
The IT equipment operating in the stores automatically alerts the staff
so preventive maintenance can be performed beforehand, avoiding potential interruption to store operations.

By extending our knowledge and expertise
in monitoring in-store IT equipment to facilities equipment as well,
we will work with NEC to further improve operational efficiency.

Hisashi Ohashi:
Currently, Seven-Eleven stores manage about 500,000 units
which requires temperature control.

By monitoring and managing the operations of those units
remotely instead of relying on store associates for those tasks,
NEC's maintenance center will be able to detect
and resolve abnormalities immediately.

NEC's system collects and monitors the operational status
and power consumption of various facilities with IoT in the stores.
By analyzing and diagnosing the data with NEC's AI,
and detecting potential failures and refresh intervals of consumables,
we aim to improve stability for store facilities operations.

Hisashi Ohashi:
Detecting equipment failure
from within the store has become much easier.

And we can be automatically notified
when periodic maintenance is required.

We're confident this system has greater potential in the future.

With NEC's advanced technologies such as AI and IoT,
we're more confident we'll be able to
ensure "non-stop store operations".

Katsutane Aihara:
Our partnership with NEC has continued for over 40 years.
By strengthening, broadening and deepening this relationship,
we hope to expand our operations not only in Japan but globally.

Orchestrating a brighter world


In order to realize "non-stop store operations", Seven-Eleven Japan and NEC are working on monitoring and doing preventive maintenance in-store facilities equipment with IoT and AI technology.

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(April 26, 2018)