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Digital Transformation through Co-creation with Our Customers [2:41]

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Digital transformation

Our society is constantly being observed,
and fed back in real time
for the evolution of a completely new world.

Going beyond mere convenience and efficiency,
it'll completely revolutionize the ways of industries.

Hisashi Ohashi,
Director & Executive Officer, Seven-Eleven Japan Co.,Ltd.:

To continually realize
better convenience and availability for our customers,
we must ensure reliable operation of our in-store technology
and equipment at all times.

Toshinori Matsufuji,
Chief Director, General Affairs Section, Isahaya City Office, Nagasaki Prefecture:

New ICT technologies will create more effective ways
to gather and transmit information,
making cities safer and securer.

Makoto Itani,
Mayor, Shirahama Town, Wakayama Prefecture:

We believe work style innovation has potential
to increase the value of local regions in Japan.
That's why we're counting on Digital Transformation.

Dr. Shigemi Kitahara,
Chair of the Board of Directors, Kitahara Neurosurgical Institute:

With declining birthrates and a growing aging population,
healthcare is increasingly facing difficult problems.
The only way to solve these is a large-scale hospital IT system.

NEC, leveraging proprietary AI and IoT technologies, will work together
with our clients, to realize their digital transformations
bringing greater value to society.

Hisashi Ohashi:
With NEC's advanced technologies such as AI and IoT,
we're more confident we'll be able to
ensure non-stop store operations

Toshinori Matsufuji:
An evacuation warning
after a landslide occurs is not fast enough to save residents.
NEC's Landslide Warning Detection System
was exactly what we needed to issue evacuation warnings.

Makoto Itani:
A new work style with free choice of time and location
will provide benefits for attracting companies to our region.

Dr. Shigemi Kitahara:
I am confident that NEC will pioneer
the automation system for the hospital services.

Creating the future together with digital transformation

Orchestrating a brighter world


Connect the real and cyber worlds, creating new values to improve our lives and businesses. This is NEC's digital transformation.
By utilizing AI and IoT technologies, NEC will achieve digital transformation through co-creation with our customers, and will strive for a sustainable society which vitalizes companies/industries, cities, and people.

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(December 25, 2017)