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Towards a decarbonized future, with NEC. [2:59]

Movie script

Hello, what's on your mind?

Hm? The Earth. My job is related to the future of the Earth.

Protecting the future while advancing our society.

I want to make it a reality.

We at NEC have been taking actions to solve environmental issues.

We developed new technologies to curb pollution resulting from rapid growth.

We have attained compliance with international standards.

We use bioplastics for products,
and received high praise for our online global tree-planting movement.

And now, we seek to take action again, to realize a decarbonized society.

NEC's digital technologies will be the key.

We will provide the best solutions for societies that pursue decarbonization.

Optimizing logistics using ICT.
Using technology to reduce CO2 emissions.

Factories and offices managing environmental loads in real-time.

We plan to collaborate with companies and people around the world to realize this.

Each action we take will build and reform decarbonized societies. Complicated, isn't it?

Please, go on.

Additionally, NEC has developed a solution to enable renewable energy to be the main power source for societies.

Solar and wind power.
Storage batteries and power generators.
The virtual power plant will stabilize the supply of these energy resources using IoT.

NEC offers a resource aggregation cloud service.

Which will realize a world where renewable energy connects our society,

and commit to making a better future.

By 2030, a 55% reduction in greenhouse gases, and SBT 1.5°c

By 2050, 100% renewable energy for businesses.

Harmonizing with the environment isn't easy.
But if we continue, surely one day.. the way, where did you come from?

I'm your daughter. Don't worry, the future is beautiful.

Towards a decarbonized future, with NEC.

Orchestrating a brighter world


In order to stop global warming within 1.5 degrees Celsius, which is an important issue on a global scale, we must work to reduce CO2 that cause greenhouse gas.
NEC has been making various efforts to address environmental issues in line with the times.
From now on, we will continue to carry out various activities with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our business activities to virtually zero by 2050.
We will continue to work towards a decarbonized society by developing a system that enables the use of renewable energy as the main power source for society.
In addition, we will deliver a system that enables the use of renewable energy as a main power source for society to corporations, municipalities, and other local governments, as well as to residents.
Toward a decarbonized future, together with NEC.

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(October 11, 2021)