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NEC Corporate Video 2021 [2:23]

Movie script

We've always been ready.
Since the beginning, our priority has always been to provide innovative solutions.
Transforming ideas into reality.
Empowering society through safety, security, fairness and efficiency.
Leading to a sustainable world.
Even after 120 years, our conviction has not changed.
We're ready for the next 100 years.

What makes NEC so exciting?
We want to connect everything.
People, things, and events on 5G beyond the boundaries of industry and business.
This would lead to new corporate activities and value creation for people.
Creating new services through connectivity.
Accelerating digital transformation through 5G.

Our goal is to ensure peace of mind, by making cities safer.
Creating a more digitally inclusive society.
Someday, the whole world will enjoy equality through our solutions.
We are expanding the opportunities, and turning dreams into reality.

Connecting seamless experiences.
Creating personalized adventures which are centered on trust.
We're making touchpoints touchless.
Our technology allows us to balance customer delight with security.
We are shaping everyday experiences.

What makes NEC so inspiring?
Innovation is in our DNA.
I can express my ideas freely and openly.
Here, we can maximize our potential.
NEC's culture gives us the courage to tackle the unexpected.
I'm ready to be challenged.
We're ready to make the world brighter.


Orchestrating a brighter world


Introducing NEC’s 100 year vision of the future, passion, strategy and key business.

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(September 10, 2021)