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Cloud SaaS solution for Telecom operator [4:49]

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In the current era of highly-developed global communications, telecommunication companies have come up against a new challenge. With fixed and mobile telephone services already reaching their peak, it has become necessary for the industry to come up with new broadband business models for further growth. Spain-based Telefónica, the No.1 international integrated telecommunications company, with approximately 300 million customers around the world, has begun providing next-generation services.

[Interview: Mr. Jorge Gimeno Risueno (Mutua Rural de Seguros APF)]

The basic problem in our business is how to provide a good service to our users. For that purpose we must be able to respond the user on time.

Telefónica identified the need for small and medium sized companies to have access to reliable ICT services and decided to create new business models for this market, but the challenges were considerable.

[Interview: Mr. Luis Aragoneses (Telefónica)]

"Issue was the amount of time until a service became available.
With more and more business been done online and the speed of doing business increasing, we wanted to start providing our services as soon as possible."

"The most important issue was service usability. We wanted to provide services that satisfied all small and medium-sized companies across the globe. To do that, we had to offer services with high usability and flexibility."

[Interview: Mr. Luis Aragoneses (Telefónica)]

"We carefully analyzed a large number of options and finally found the best solution. That was NEC's SaaS."

NEC was the first in the world to announce C&C, the integration of computers and communications. Since then, NEC has been providing variety of solutions based on its concept of C&C. NEC has also been developing the strategy of cloud computing called "C&C cloud".

[Interview: Mr. Jose Isaac Mendoza (NEC Iberica)]

"We are building a new cloud concept that is based upon reliability, scalability, and security."

NEC built the SaaS platform for Telefónica to provide its cloud-based services, to its users. With SaaS, users can access software without installing applications on their local hardware and they are only required to pay for what they actually use.

With NEC's SaaS, one of the C&C cloud services, Telefónica found a way to meet their challenges.

[Interview: Mr. Luis Aragoneses (Telefónica)]

"We overcame the issue of making services available sooner through our partnership with NEC."

[Interview: Mr. Jose Isaac Mendoza (NEC Iberica)]

"We tend to be quicker than all other competitors. It usually takes between two to three months."

[Interview: Mr. Luis Aragoneses (Telefónica)]

"I was honestly amazed! They set it up in only 45 days."

"Our future goal was to offer IT solutions worldwide, so a high standard of usability was of key importance. NEC's SaaS platform made that possible."

NEC's SaaS platform has a unique technology called "Aggregation skill."

[Interview: Mr. Jose Isaac Mendoza (NEC Iberica)]

"The main benefit of the aggregation is that we are able to deploy new applications very quickly and the platform is able to support any kind of application."

Unlike other competitors, NEC's platform supports not only their own applications but also those from other companies, providing their customers with much greater usability and convenience.

[Interview: Mr. Luis Aragoneses (Telefónica)]

"Thanks to SaaS, we can efficiently provide various applications to users such as CRM, billing, video-conferencing and GPS at a low price point."

[Interview: Mr. Luis Aragoneses (Telefónica)]

"Since our service was launched, we've already gained over 10,000 users and the number is significantly growing."

[Interview: Mr. Jorge Gimeno Risueno (Mutua Rural de Seguros APF)]

"We can make the difference by using electronic communication technology. The remote connections give us a clear advantage with respect to all our competitors.
We can give a better service to our users and make their job and life easier, which in fact will benefit our business."

[Interview: Mr. Luis Aragoneses (Telefónica)]

"We're very proud to launch this new service. Selecting NEC as our partner was truly the right choice."

The remarkable progress of ICT and expansion of broadband access in recent years have led to new innovations in numerous business fields. By supporting the building of our global information society NEC contributes to creating a bright future for our world.


Case Study Telefónica S.A.

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