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An integrated retail solution - mobile payment with a tap at cinemas [3:57]

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The PVR Group is among India's leading integrated media and entertainment companies with a significant presence in film and retail entertainment space.

PVR's group business strategy has always been to redefine customer experience by adopting best in class technological innovations that are cutting edge.

To offer a truly premium experience to its increasing number of visitors, PVR was looking to reduce check out time at counters and also the need for cumbersome plastic cards and paper money

[Interview: Pramod Arora ; Group President & CEO, PVR Ltd.]
“Now we are talking about a digital era where in people are getting closer to the customers by virtue of mobiles, by virtue of laptops and by the virtue of the web services.”

“What we were looking for was a comprehensive retail solution which could empower our customers through their smart devices for making payments and also at the same time simplify our billing, streamline our operations and actually reduce our total cost of operations.”

To make PVR’S retail functions more efficient, NEC developed an integrated retail solution that enabled their customers to make mobile payments using Near Field communication or NFC technology on their devices, and at the same equipped the management with state of the art Point of Sale systems for efficient billing.

NEC technology combines billing and payment into one complete solution. Through this technology, customers can make payments with a simple tap and pay using the NFC on their mobile devices.

With the mobile wallet, customers can purchase movie tickets and refreshments on their Smart-devices thereby saving waiting time at tickets and refreshments counters.

[Interview:Amit Bhatia ; Head-retail solutions, NEC India]

“NEC offers a complete eco system as far as NFC technology is concerned. In front end we have NFC readers, as when the customer taps the transaction goes to our integrated e-money server which is hosted on cloud. It gets approved and sends signals back to the terminal. So it was exactly the solution PVR was looking for.”

[Interview: Pramod Arora ; Group President & CEO, PVR Ltd.]
“So in our pursuit for solutions, we looked at many that were available in the market, and finally ended up deciding on NEC’s integrated retail solution. Our experience with them on the point of sales solutions reinforced our confidence that NEC would deliver it dependably for us.”

[Interview:Amit Bhatia ; Head-retail solutions, NEC India]
“For customers it is easy, convenient plus secure to use. For PVR they have seen increase in their online sales booking using NFC as a technology.”

[Interview: Pramod Arora ; Group President & CEO, PVR Ltd.]

“With the usage of this NFC enabled retail solutions we have actually been able to reduce our transaction time by a good 80%. As compared to the transactions that were made through other traditional payment methods.”

“Additionally we can gather and use vital data such as the number of guests and popular movie timings to create interesting and exciting offers for our consumer using this solution too.”

The integrated retail solution allows PVR to streamline processes by using cutting edge and advanced IT solutions to optimize resources and be able to achieve a rise in profit.

[Interview: Pramod Arora ; Group President & CEO, PVR Ltd.]
“We are really excited to extend this technology to more and more locations and enrich our customers experience and to be able to give that very experience that differentiates us from the other operators in this industry.”

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(November 6, 2013)