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Cloud IaaS solution for Telecom operator [4:36]

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The Philippines. Home to nearly a hundred million people and one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia.

Headquartered in the capital city of Manila, Philippines Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) has been serving the needs of customers since 1928.

The company has long dominated the telecommunications field with over two-thirds of the fixed-line market, while Smart, their mobile and internet subsidiary, boasts control of over of two-thirds of the mobile service market.

Rich content and over-the-top services were creating an increased demand for PLDT network bandwidth to satisfy audio, video, communications and social networking needs, though the revenues were going elsewhere.

It was clear PLDT needed to offer value-added services such as IaaS and SaaS to generate new business.

[Interview: Jovy I. Hernandez ; First Vice President & Head, PLDT ALPHA Enterprise]
“We need to transform them into sources of monetization opportunities, particularly for large-scale enterprises. ”

The future was in cloud, and for this PLDT turned to NEC.

NEC worked together with PLDT to create a Multi-purpose Cloud infrastructure that would combine a public cloud and a private cloud.

The public cloud enabled PLDT to become a retail provider of cloud-based products and services to large- and medium-scale enterprises.

The private cloud offers PLDT the ability to share resources across the entire group.

But PLDT was not new to Cloud, having already launched a portfolio of services which they needed to incorporate seamlessly into any new strategy.

[Interview:Joey S. Limjap ; Vice President & Head, PLDT ICT Research and Development]
“PLDT Cloud initiatives started by launching cloud services as disparate product verticals.”

“The new system unified the various Cloud offerings of PLDT into a single marketplace.”

“The system also allows PLDT faster time to market for future cloud-based products and services.”

With over 50 years experience and a proven record in cloud-based solutions in mission-critical fields such as telecommunications, government and finance, partnering with NEC was a logical choice.

[Interview:David Gus C. Adis ; Director, Enterprise Technical Services, NEC Philippines]

“We created a new Multi-purpose Cloud infrastructure that featured the flexibility and scalability that PLDT needed in order to offer large-scale enterprise customers new IaaS and SaaS cloud solutions.”

NEC's solution includes Marketplace, a web-based virtual storefront where PLDT customers can purchase resources and applications in a convenient environment.

Using Marketplace, it is easy for PLDT to add new services.

[Interview:Mr. David Gus C. Adis ; NEC Philippines]
“The greatest advantage of NEC’s solution is that it offers excellent usability. Even without any specialised IT training or background, PLDT customers can get started almost immediately.”

[Interview:Mr. Jovy Hernandez ; PLDT]

“With our new cloud system, we were quickly able to attract large enterprise customers”

And these customers were soon profiting from NEC and PLDT’s winning partnership.

In addition to the convenience of the PLDT Cloud, customers also enjoy the transparency of a consolidated monthly statement.

[Interview:Mr. Jovy Hernandez ; PLDT]
“Feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Beyond the integrated billing, they appreciate only having to pay for the services that they use, which has a visible impact on their TCO.”

“NEC is also partnering with us in holding seminars for small and medium enterprises to educate them about the business potential of our cloud services,creating a win-win business model.”

[Interview:Mr. Jovy Hernandez ; PLDT]
“The new system allowed PLDT to achieve aggregation, consolidation, and faster time to market.”

“A huge improvement for us across the board.”

Powered by NEC’s cloud solutions, PLDT have opened the door to new revenue streams and secured their position as a leading service provider for the next era of telecommunications.

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(October 24, 2013)