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7-Eleven. A strategic IT partnership for global expansion. [3:57]

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7-Eleven, the world's largest chain of convenience stores, with over 36,000 stores in 15 countries and regions around the world.

7-Eleven continually grasps customers' changing needs, and these are then reflected in the assortment of products offered in its stores.

7-Eleven's proactive global expansion policy requires the support of a global solution partner that understands the different needs of each country and region.

Joseph M. DePinto, President and Chief Executive Officer, 7-Eleven, Inc.:

"Our vision is to provide convenience oriented products to our customers on a daily basis.

We try to keep up with our customers changing needs through changing products assortment, and the IT system is the foundation of the ability to do that.

Our plans are, as we continue to grow, to globally expand into other countries, to provide solutions to them also, partnering with NEC."

NEC, with its longstanding partnership with 7-Eleven, has a clear grasp of store operations and has created a reliable and user-friendly IT system.

It assists franchisees' management of stores by providing merchandizing support in order placement and product assortment, and improving operational efficiency.

Joseph M. DePinto, President and Chief Executive Officer, 7-Eleven, Inc.:

"I would tell you that where we execute our strategy of retailer initiative, the stores that do it the best, that are utilizing the infrastructure that we developed, utilizing the IT platform that NEC has helped us to develop.

Those stores are performing 43% better than the stores that aren't using the system."

NEC is a one-stop IT partner that delivers the total solution, not only for retail hardware but also for system development, deployment, operational support and maintenance services.

Masaaki Asakura, EVP/International and Advisor to the CEO 7-Eleven, Inc.

"The convenience store is evolving. So does the IT solutions.

Because of the proven record of NEC, we chose NEC to be the strategic partner.

NEC provides us the best solution for that matter on going and as we expand the business globally, we have same expectations for NEC to keep up."

NEC, with its worldwide network, supports 7-Eleven's global expansion through innovative technology and enhanced services.

Joseph M. DePinto, President and Chief Executive Officer, 7-Eleven, Inc.:

"NEC has been our partner for a long time,

They are a true partner, they view our businesses as their business.

The IT system we have is world class. When utilized by our franchisee we get better performance. It's the testament to the partnership we have with NEC, and all the professional support we get from NEC."

As a trusted IT partner, NEC continues to contribute to 7-Eleven's global strategy.


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