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YUTO's Next Challenge ~Yuto Horigome×LA Angels First Pitch~ [2:56]

Movie script

"NEC's partnerships with Yuto Horigome and the LA Angels ventured Horigome into the unknown on June 24, 2022."

Yuto Horigome:
I'm really looking forward to it, but I'm also very nervous.
I've never even been on the field.
I've been here before and it was full.And now I'm going to be pitching here.
I've never been a pitcher and I don't usually play much baseball.
But when I was little,I did play baseball with my friends.
So I'm very excited to be able to throw out the first pitch for the Angels.
It's a new challenge as well.
I'm really grateful to NEC for giving me this opportunity.

【3 hours before the first pitch】
You mean the mound is like this?
It's pretty far away.
Oh, sorry.This is bad.
If I get nervous, I'll mess up.I'm going to end up just lobbing it.
Oh man, I'm screwed.This is tough. It really is a challenge.

【He heads to the field.】
I totally forgot how to pitch.
That was awkward.
I owe my career in the US today to the support of so many people.
To show my gratitude, I'll do my best to live up to their expectations.

"NEC supports Yuto Horigome, the LA Angels and all those who take on challenges."

Orchestrating a brighter world


The Los Angeles Angels, with whom NEC has concluded a partnership agreement held a home game entitled "Ohtani Snow Globe Giveaway Presented by NEC" on Saturday, June 25, 2022, Japan time (local time: June 24). Yuto Horigome, one of the athletes sponsored by NEC and world's top skateboarder, threw the first pitch of the game.

NEC has been a committed partner of wheelchair tennis for over 30 years as well as various sports including para-sports. Further to this, NEC also manages sports teams and has been playing an active role in promoting and popularizing para-sports with the aim of making them a part of everyday life. Through these initiatives, NEC aims to create a society in which everyone, regardless of nationality, gender, ability, and other factors can embrace their dreams and take on challenges on the same field.

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(July 25, 2022)