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Empowering Lives through Connectivity [3:00]

Movie script

In the era of 5G and beyond, the unprecedented becomes reality.
We can optimally harmonize the digital and real worlds, leading to new social value.
Through connectivity that empowers peoples' lives, we can experience a new world.

Nick is on his way to a sports stadium.
The IoT-enabled car smoothly guides him.
While on the move, he can order and send gifts anytime.
Nick: Could you place the order?
AI: Certainly.
Production efficiency will allow small quantities to be produced.
These goods are manufactured and delivered on schedule to their designated locations.

Meanwhile, Ella is ordering a meal.
IoT sensors can track her condition, so depending on her vitals and preferences, meals can be prepared with the best ingredients.
AI: And do you agree to opt-in and share your digital ID with the new catering service to place the order?
Ella: Yes, I agree.
She also has full control over personal information sharing to safely enjoy personalized services.
AI: Ella, you'll need to start work in 2 minutes.
Ella: OK, I'll be ready.

While today it's hardly imaginable in industries like construction, high-precision remote machinery operation will become possible.
And through autonomous operation during the night time, labor costs and negative environmental impacts can be reduced.
By efficiently linking various data, we can work more flexibly, enjoy better work-life balance, and achieve greater results.

At the stadium, we can see how connectivity can further elevate experiences.
Meals can be delivered when and where needed, by efficiently linking authentication data.
Once the game is over, traffic optimization will allow you to enjoy a smooth ride home.
Through a sharing economy, public transportation can optimally transport people and goods.
The custom-ordered gift seems to have arrived, at just the right time.

Through detailed analysis and optimization of various data using AI, our aim is the realization of a fair and sustainable society.
This future brought on by connectivity will bring harmony to industry, society, and empower peoples' lives.

Orchestrating a brighter world


Our world as we know it will change entirely. Triggering this change is 5G and secure data-sharing, which will truly connect the real and digital. By innovating the value chain of industries and the value journey of people with our technologies, NEC aims to co-create new social value with telecom operators, enterprises and governments for empowering peoples' lives through connectivity.

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(July 12, 2021)