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NEC's new business concept for 5G. [2:00]

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Atsuo Kawamura,
President of Telecom Carrier Business, NEC:

NEC has continued to offer new values in communication with 2G, 3G, and 4G. 5G will be a result of interconnectivity between people, things, and activities by advances in technology, especially IoT and AI.
Our goal is to offer the end user value through three main pillars: network, operational functions of network, and social utilizing network.

We have partnered with a building company to experiment with remote construction. We have also tried new ways of remote control with security industry experts and operators.

In a 5G era, there are a multitude of new business chances, and people are able to access and try many more things. Through the cooperation of our various business partners and operators, we are able to offer the end user new values. This is what we envision the world of 5G.

Toshimitsu Shimizu,
Senior Vice President, NEC:

I think a key component is to find solutions for the various issues in different industries. NEC has come up with the concept of "5G. A Future Beyond Imagination."

The first key point is network. It needs new systems and new elemental technology, so we are actively working to build a sturdy network.

The second key point is operation. We are actively working to utilize our AI capabilities for the automation and support of our clients' needs.

The third key point is social transformation. This includes changes in lifestyle and workstyle, and we are looking at how we can encourage these innovations.

Orchestrating a brighter world


NEC announced a new business concept for the next-generation of wireless communications standards, "5G. A Future Beyond Imagination."

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(November 10, 2017)