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5G. A Future Beyond Imagination. [2:00]

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5G is a new system aiming for launch in 2020. It will fundamentally change society as we know it. NEC is working with various business partners towards the development of 5G technology and the creation of new services.

Yukio Ito,
Executive Vice President, NEC:

We envision 5G to be a fully integrated world between computers and communication. NEC's goal is to offer convenient 5G service that transcends the boundaries of genres and categories. We aim to offer technological development, solution management, or other support services. One key component is AI.
Until now, input was mainly conducted through actual typing, but from now, we need new communication methods with directions through voice, eye movements, or other sensory motions. We are working on innovative technology for this, and in a 5G era, we believe we can offer added benefits to the end user.

In the 5G world, everything will be connected.
NEC believes that this is the first step towards a future beyond imagination.

Yukio Ito:
We believe that NEC's mission is to deliver comfortable, abundant, safe, and useful solutions to individuals, communities, and businesses.

NEC, along with our business partners, will continue to build a new future.

5G. A Future Beyond Imagination.

Orchestrating a brighter world


NEC announced a new business concept for the next-generation of wireless communications standards, "5G. A Future Beyond Imagination."

The industrial and earnings structures of companies today are undergoing dramatic changes through the implementation of digital transformation, which is evolving across a wide range of industries. In response to these changes, companies are aiming to enhance the customer experience and solidify their market position by creating new business models and services that differentiate them from the competition.

In the future, 5G, featuring ultra-high speed, ultra-low latency, massive connectivity, will enable IoT devices to connect to mobile networks simultaneously, allowing more information to be exchanged in real time. In addition, the use of AI will play an important role in creating new value through the analysis of the vast volumes of information being collected.

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(November 10, 2017)