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Regarding the NEC Group's response to COVID-19

Tokyo, April 3 (updated May 26), 2020 - Following the nationwide termination of the emergency declaration regarding COVID-19 (new coronavirus) in Japan, the NEC Group is taking measures to prevent the spread of infection, such as encouraging individuals to avoid closed spaces, dense crowding and close contact, as part of continuing daily prevention measures against infection. Going forward, NEC aims to combine the wisdom and ingenuity of all employees in order to support new ways of working and communication that are tailored for the "new normal."

Since there is still a risk of infection even after the termination of the emergency declaration, the NEC Group will continue business activities based on a policy of giving top priority to ensuring the safety of customers, business partners, employees and their families, preventing infections, and preventing the spread of infections.

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    The following measures and recommendations apply to NEC in Japan. Please refer to regional websites for details on local policies.

1. Health management and preventing further spread of COVID-19

(1) Business continuity based on working from home

  • As a general rule, work that can be done from home should be done at home
  • When reporting to work, employees should make every effort to avoid closed spaces, dense crowding and close contact as part of preventing infection, and coordinate time shifts and attendance within their teams

(2) Close observation of guidelines for preventing in-house infection and spread

  • When visiting customers, etc., secure the consent of the parties being visited in advance
  • As a general rule, internal meetings will continue to be held remotely
  • Refrain from holding events such as social gatherings

(3) Health management and general COVID-19 prevention measures

  • Check temperature daily and refrain from going to the office with cold symptoms or a fever. When seeking medical consultation, first consult with a general practitioner if possible
  • Wash hands regularly and avoid unnecessary outings to crowded areas as much as possible

2. COVID-19 in the workplace

  • Report to NEC's Headquarters for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery if COVID-19 is suspected or confirmed, such as when a PCR test is recommended, and work from home or remain at home to prevent further spread
  • If diagnosed with COVID-19, employees are to follow the instructions of medical institutions and public health centers. Any workplace where COVID-19 has been detected will cooperate with the health authorities in taking measures to identify close contacts, close the workplace and disinfect facilities

NEC Group efforts to support customers' business continuity and problem solving