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C&C Operations

Communications Systems
and Equipment
pictuar Digital central office switching systemspictuar Mobile communications systems   pictuar Digital PBXspictuar Packet switching systemspictuar Network management systems   pictuar Intelligent network systemspictuar Fiber-optic transmission systems   pictuar Fiber-optic submarine cable systemspictuar CATV systemspictuar Teleconferencing systemspictuar Routerspictuar Hubspictuar Microwave communications systems   pictuar Satellite communications systems (satellite-mounted and ground support communications equipment)pictuar Television and radio broadcast equipment   pictuar Video and studio equipmentpictuar Aircraft and space electronic equipment   pictuar Satellitespictuar Rocket guidance and control equipmentpictuar Radio navigation and radar equipmentpictuar Defense electronic systemspictuar Cellular phones   pictuar PHS terminalspictuar Pagerspictuar Facsimile equipmentpictuar Key telephone systems   pictuar ISDN terminalspictuar Installation and maintenance of communications systems

Computers and Industrial
Electronic Systems
pictuar PCspictuar Mainframe computerspictuar SBCspictuar Serverspictuar Workstations   pictuar Supercomputerspictuar Peripheral and terminal equipmentpictuar Word processors   pictuar Monitorspictuar Printerspictuar CD-ROM drivespictuar Hard disk drivespictuar Data modems   pictuar Optical disk playerspictuar CAD/CAM and CAE systemspictuar Automated fingerprint identification systemspictuar Medical electronic equipmentpictuar Telemetry and remote control systemspictuar Postal automation systemspictuar Communications network control systemspictuar Building automation systemspictuar Educational electronic equipment   pictuar Computerized numerical control equipmentpictuar YAG laser equipment   pictuar Underwater ultrasonic application equipmentpictuar Semiconductor manufacturing equipment and vacuum equipmentpictuar Measuring and testing systems   pictuar Car electronic productspictuar Software productspictuar Systems integration services   pictuar Maintenance of computers and related equipmentpictuar VAN information services   pictuar Internet services

Electron Devices pictuar Memoriespictuar Microcomputerspictuar Gate arrayspictuar Cell-based ICspictuar Linear ICs   pictuar Charge-coupled devicespictuar Transistorspictuar Gallium arsenide transistors and ICs   pictuar Diodespictuar Optical semiconductor devicespictuar Hybrid ICspictuar TFT color LCDs   pictuar Color display tubespictuar Fluorescent indicator panelspictuar Electroluminescent lights   pictuar Capacitorspictuar Printed wiring boardspictuar Relayspictuar Hermetic sealspictuar Electron tubes   pictuar Gas laserspictuar Electrical connectorspictuar Color plasma display panels

Other Operations

pictuar Color TVspictuar Video projectorspictuar DBS receiverspictuar HDTVspictuar VCRspictuar Video game unitspictuar Home appliancespictuar Lighting productspictuar Cleanerspictuar Plasma TVs
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